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How It Works

Telecounseling with Debi is a matter of a few easy steps.
You are on your way to Turning Your Life Around! 

First step:

Call or send a secure message to Debi for a free consult to establish if she is the right fit for you. 

Second step:

Debi will send you an email message to invite you to set up your profile through a secure client portal.

Third step:

Register on your secure client portal where you will have access to secure communication, your schedule and appointments.

Fourth step:
Have your session with Debi through either videoconferencing, phone, email and texting.

Protect Your Mental Health – Counsellor Urges Persons To Utilise Tele-Mental Health Services

Everyone has the power within them to turn their life around, according to Debi Douglas, licensed mental health counsellor in Florida. Douglas, who is also a licensed associate psychologist in Jamaica, said that a new definition of one’s self can brings new possibilities.

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