Telecounseling Services for the State of Florida and Jamaica

Telecounseling Services for the State of Florida and Jamaica

Telecounseling Services for the State of Florida and Jamaica, extends healing services beyond physical borders with online telecounseling services.

Technology at its best connects people to the resources and services needed to improve their quality of life. With similar convenience and the speed of a Google search for the nearest dry cleaner, the world of online connectivity makes mental healthcare easier to obtain and, in many cases, more affordable to use.


Online therapy with the TYLA Mental Health Locations transports the professional care and attention patients need right into the safety and comfort of their own homes.

The field of telemedicine and telemental health care developed in an effort to meet the needs of a wide variety of patients for whom traditional face-to-face therapies and health services is prohibitive due to finances, disabilities, or distance. While more insurance companies are including telehealth services into their coverage plans, telemedicine costs are often considered more affordable than in-person visits to a physician or counselor.

For patients with physical disabilities which make it challenging to drive to a mental health care locations, teletherapy through video counseling meets them wherever they are when they need help. Additionally, for residents of more remote areas, the investment of travel and time need not exclude them from receiving mental health care. Video-based or smartphone enabled telemental health services eliminates the need to spend hours driving to the nearest town where options for qualified counselors may not meet the particular requirements of the person in need.

In America, 1 in 5 adults suffer from mental illness and more than half do not receive treatment; Debi Douglas seeks to make video-based and other remote modalities of telemental health services a part of changing the statistic.

There are several reasons people may not seek the professional help they need to improve their quality of life; a few of those reasons may be answered with the availability of telemental health services.

With the negative stigma surrounding topics of mental health discussions in America, the privacy accompanied with telemental health services may go a long way to bringing necessary resources to the people most in need. Serious mental health disorders require more in-person visits; however, online counseling may do the hard work of building a rapport and gaining confidence with a therapist prior to more in-person therapy.

Social anxiety may leave some people in need of mental health assistance utterly paralyzed. The benefits of having multiple ways to communicate with a BC-TMH, Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider provides the time and space an individual may need to explore therapeutic solutions to their individual challenges. In cases where it is easier for an individual to write an e-mail or text a therapist rather than sit face-to-face and talk, teletherapy provides this opportunity.

Other more practical obstacles to include expense, wait time, and irregular work hours may be overcome with telemental health online counseling sessions. Telemental health services meets the individual wherever and whenever the person is in need. For those who finally have the gumption to get help, hearing he or she must wait another week or more to see a therapist may be enough to close the door on needed therapy. Telemental health services are designed to reduce the wait time to begin the process of overcoming mental health challenges as soon as possible.

Debi Douglas is credentialed in both the State of Florida and Jamaica to offer safe, effective, confidential and convenient telecounseling!

Security and confidentiality is non-negotiable when seeking professional help for our innermost personal matters. Debi Douglas is a BC-TMH, Board Certified-TeleMental Health Providerand a Licensed Associate Psychologist in Jamaica who takes the utmost care in providing secure telemental health services to her clients. Specializing in treating those struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, anger management, and relationship or life changing incidents, Debi Douglas is qualified to reach out to those in need of a more private setting or a more flexible schedule to receive mental healthcare.



Signing up with a telemental health therapist in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is made simple for those in Jamaica, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Coral Springs, Orlando, and Jupiter to name a few as Debi is able to provide telecounseling to the entire State of Florida with secure, personalized online service.

When signing up to speak with Debi for telemental health services, simply call or send a secure message to receive a free consult to make certain telemental online counseling is the best option for your particular needs. Upon receipt of the message, Debi will confirm requests and send an invitation to establish on online profile through her secure client portal.

After receiving the invitation, consider the device and location of where you wish to receive teletherapy. Simply register on the secure portal at the established location where you can reliably count on internet access. Clients are able to communicate with Debi and schedule appointments directly from the portal. Schedule your first session and choose from video conferencing, telephone communication, e-mail sessions, or texting, depending on your individual preferences for therapy.


Residents of Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Coral Springs, Orlando, Jamaica, and the greater state of Florida can remove the obstacles from gaining peace of mind; Contact Debi Douglas to consider telemental health therapy.

Help is on the way – you don’t need to leave home to receive quality mental health care with Debi Douglas. In your time in the privacy of where you are most comfortable, you can have the compassionate ear and trusted counsel of a telemental provider and start on your path to a better supported life.


Call 954-534-1537 to learn more about teletherapy with Debi Douglas. The TYLA Mental Health Center has facilities at 1449 Jupiter Park Drive #18 in Jupiter, FL and 3307 Northlake Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Find more information at Telemental Health or e-mail questions to [email protected].


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