TYLA Mental Health Locations in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens

TYLA Mental Health Locations in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens

Compassionate support is available to you for your family’s mental well-being at the TYLA Mental Health Offices in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

The societal stigma around mental health too often prevents those in need from finding the help they require to live their day-to-day lives.

It can be a challenge to even discuss mental health or behavioral issues with close friends and relatives; the intangible nature of assessing a mental imbalance sometimes leads to judgment and insecurity. When resolved to reclaim peace of mind and a better quality of life, seeking out professional care is just as significant as locating an experienced physical therapist for a major injury.


The TYLA Mental Health Offices in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens provide a welcoming atmosphere and genuine compassion for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Mental health affects more than the person exhibiting troubling symptoms. Marriages and families are impacted as they witness the suffering of someone they deeply love. At the TYLA Mental Health Offices, various sessions are offered to everyone struggling with the throes of mental illness.

In an individual setting, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Debi Douglas, creates a calm, safe space for a person to explore his or her emotions with expert guidance and compassion. The focused attention of a counselor in a one-on-one session provides the opportunity for a person to be truly heard where peers may shy away from the topic altogether. In individual sessions, a counselor is able to delve deeply into the root of a person’s sufferings and provide customized treatment to ease symptoms in a comfortable setting worlds away from the sterile, cold metal table discomfort of a clinical diagnosis.


Group therapy helps those suffering with mental illnesses feel less isolated with the support one another and the guidance of the TYLA Mental Health Offices.

While it may seem daunting to enter into a group therapy session when it’s already difficult to speak to family about mental health problems, everyone in group therapy has arrived with a common purpose; to process their difficulties and help each other heal. People engage in a receptive environment in which those with whom they are speaking can often truly relate to what a person coming to therapy for the first time is experiencing.


Family counseling in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens in Florida provides the tools and pathways to understanding one another.

Families and couples may struggle with how to communicate and function as a harmonious unit. Getting wrapped up inside difficult experiences may make it too difficult to focus on the true, core issues. Debi Douglas works with families and couples to provide a compassionate outsider view of the miscommunications involved in situations where people struggle to love one another as they wish they could (and can).


Debi Douglas has experience with a range of issues from typical life struggles to challenging conditions such as mood disorders, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, and addiction.

Shame has yet to clear up a single issue; Debi Douglas has dedicated her career to disarming judgment and creating a healthful environment for growth and healing. In addition to counseling services, Ms. Douglas provides EMDR therapy which is a tested and scientifically validated technique involving eye movement and touch to stimulate parts of the brain while  recounting painful memories in order to more fully process the emotions attached than can be accomplished in talk therapy alone. Ms. Douglas is also a Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) offering substance abuse treatment services and plans customized to each individual’s personal needs.



Visit the TYLA Mental Health Offices in either Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and reclaim your peace of mind.

Help is at hand for those in need: call 954-534-1537 to make an appointment with Debi Douglas at either of her locations. The TYLA Mental Health Offices has facilities at 1449 Jupiter Park Drive #18 in Jupiter, FL and 3307 Northlake Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.


Find more information at tylamh.com or e-mail questions to [email protected].


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